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Math Madness

Posted Date: 02/26/2018


Math Madness 2018

The Vilonia Middle School staff came together as a team after realizing our students were not fluent in their basic multiplication facts.  Fluency in basic multiplication facts greatly increases students’ success in more advanced math applications.  After several meetings, we developed a plan to help increase our students’ fact fluency; we are calling it: “Math Madness.”

Starting February 5th , teachers and students will use their Character Education/ Intervention period of 25 minutes, to implement multiplication fluency practice.  “Math Madness” is based on the commutative property of multiplication; students only need to memorize 36 facts to be fluent in multiplication.  Each week they will be introduced to six new facts to memorize.  By the end of six weeks, they will have memorized the thirty-six essential facts.  Their classes will be organized into “Math Madness” teams. We will use fun games and activities throughout the six weeks to practice and prepare for the “Math Madness” final championship game.

This will be a BIG event!  We are planning a school wide competition that is full of excitement and learning. Our teachers are excited about this opportunity and as news of it is “leaking” out, so are the students.  There will be  “Math Madness” team shirts for all students. There will be a trophy for the winning team and championship rings for each student on the winning team.